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About our Newsgroups Servers
Bytes & PCs offers high quality newsgroup feeds at great prices.  We are able to provide top quality service because our backbone consists of multiple back-ends carrying a set of groups each.  This offers an incredibly fast and low latency network. The storage servers and feeders are connected to a gigabit internal network and externally connected to UUNet, Level3, Carrier1 and other high speed exchange points.

What are Usenet Newsgroups ?
Usenet newsgroups are collections of discussion groups pertaining to just about every subject imaginable. Usenet was developed before the Internet. In the early days Usenet was distributed using UUCP (Unix to Unix CoPy). Later on it became available with the ARPA protocol which is today better known as Internet. Today there are over 30000 active groups which offer around 350 Gigabyte of articles per day.

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